eight haikus

Eight haikus to make me current with my self imposed write one poem a day mandate. They mean nothing to each other (mostly) but if it helps, I’ll post little pics in between as separators. 😉

while the rain falls hard
I will stand still listening
to the pounding rush


if I close my heart
will away the falling tears
could I laugh again

Success! Now I need a nap. Lol

I still feel broken
wandering desperation
adrift without hope

A fair sign of Starbucks addiction?

just one smile from you
beckons such sweet tenderness
pulls me to your heart


this delicious thrill
shimmying with abandon
unleashes such need


why does darkness call
so easy and seductive
relentlessly cold


the calendar says
winter’s on the horizon
bringing rain and chills


your song starts playing
I always stop to listen
thinking it’s for me


And while I’m here, why not some random chit-chat… In bullets!

  • National Novel Writing Month – My final word count = 51,072 words written in the month of November. The end needs LOTS of work and I’m not sure about the last third of the story but I think it’s a great start to something. 🙂 I really do LOVE my characters a lot and I think they deserve a great story so I think I’m going to work on it more if I don’t get distracted by the other story I had started before NaNoWriMo… This was the first time that I was so ahead on word count and actually enjoying the whole process. Getting to the 50,000 words showed me that I can do it! Now, if I can just weave a story worth reading then I’m in business! 😉
  • Verizon vs Sprint – Geez, no contest as far as reception is concerned! Apparently my workplace will always be a dearth of signal strength but otherwise I’m very satisfied with Verizon’s LTE and call quality. Now, if only the 64GB version would become available somewhere nearby?!… I also like that I can hotspot my phone and it’s part of our plan. NICE! So now when I’m out and about with my Nexus 7, I can go online anytime as long as my phone gets a signal. So cool.
  • Ed Quinn – Wait, he gets his own bullet? LOL! Anyhoo, I FINALLY ordered his CD, which will be autographed *and* personalized to me. He gets to write my name. Why does that make me smile? Oh right, because I’m crazy and thrill at the thought of him having to think then write my name… I keep watching random Eureka eps just to see him as Nathan Stark. He was so good as that character. Loved him even though I didn’t want him for Allison. Damn, I miss Eureka!