yet my heart is a flutter

such a little thing
yet my heart is a flutter
my name on your lips

Yesterday, Ed Quinn was on Take 2 Radio for an interview. I wasn’t able to listen in real time because it started when I was at work. Alas! The host of the show tweeted out a reminder and I lamented to her that I wouldn’t be able to listen because I was at work. The conversation went like this:

@walelia: I’m tempted to listen to @OfficialEdQuinn on @take2radio here at work but I must refrain. Alas!

@take2radio: @walelia @OfficialEdQuinn lol poor Valerie!

@walelia: @take2radio @OfficialEdQuinn Valerie will be happy if she hears him say her name during the interview. 😉 LOL

The show started and I thought, well, wouldn’t it totally rock if he actually said my name?! What were the chances?

Near the end of the hour, I got the following tweet:

@take2radio: @walelia @OfficialEdQuinn Valerie you got a shout out from Ed! 🙂

To which I replied:

@walelia: @take2radio @officialedquinn yah! Now I just need to listen! Lol. Thank you!!!

I was TOTALLY STOKED when I read that tweet. I thought to myself, what did he say? Omigosh!!! I think I even squealed a little when I read the tweet. (At the very least, you must be amused by my enthusiasm.) I was SO GLAD that the show records their interviews but I wondered how soon the file would be online. It wasn’t too long because one of my friends started listening to it before me!

I’ll admit, when I got down to listening to the interview, I skimmed over it because I just had to get to “my” part. I did stop and listen to the one caller and I knew who she was from Twitter. LUCKY LADY! She actually got to talk with him. I dunno if I could have done it. No, I could have done it but I would have sounded giggly or so young or just flat out silly. Or maybe not. I think I might not have been able to think of anything to actually say!

After the caller, it was close to the top of the hour and the host asked Ed, “And would you give a shout out to Valerie because unfortunately she had to work even though she wanted to be here listening…” To which he said, “Oh yes, Valerie. Hi sweetheart, I hope you had a good day at work…” And then he said he hoped I survived the Mayan Apocalypse and such. LOL

So, when he said, “Oh yes, Valerie. Hi sweetheart, I hope you had a good day at work…” I had to put my hands over my mouth to stop from squeeing like a boy-band crazy fangirl. I laughed quite heartily and wished that I had been able to call in and talk to him. But then what the heck would I have said?! I’m sure I would have thought about something (like where does he perform live and would he ever trek back to the Bay Area for a show or two?). I would have probably have been super giggly and trying not to be.

Of course I snipped the audio to “my” little bit and then my friend snipped it further to just say, “Valerie… Hi sweetheart…” I use it as my text tone at the moment and I totally giggle every time I hear it. LOL I’m such a schoolgirl sometimes. 😉

And so that is my tale of 12/12/12, a day I will remember as the day Ed Quinn called me sweetheart. 😀

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