just a tiny bit jealous

you hear the whispers
the accusations that fly
full of such deceit


The filter creeps me out a little but I love the way the shots turn out sometimes. LOL

I love the crazy phone calls I get at work sometimes but damn, some people need to just chill! And hello, me asking questions to correctly direct your concern is not “handling” you, it’s doing my job.

Wow, @Netflixhelps just replied to me regarding my complaint about the edited version of Coupling. I hope they fix it and find the right versions of the episodes. It’s nice they actually read my tweet! Now fix it!

Oh, I’m SO JEALOUS of the people at the Xena convention this weekend. Charles Mesure was a guest today. I hope he got a lot of appreciation for appearing. I would have appreciated the heck out of him. LOL! And tomorrow, Greg Lee will be there. ::sigh:: I’m deprived, I tell ya, DEPRIVED! It’s been so long since my last Xena convention. 🙁

Burbank 2004
Burbank 2004