laughter wrapped in such delight

oh I live for this
laughter wrapped in such delight
in the simple things

Saturday was a good day even though I didn’t leave my house. Hey, I’m lazy, it was cold and eventually rainy, and I didn’t have a car. Good reasons to stay home, I say. πŸ˜‰

Being at home means spending hours on the computer writing and twittering and other such lazy nonsense. I suppose I could have done some cleaning or laundry but I didn’t. πŸ˜› Besides, it’s much more fun stalking my twitter feed and replying or retweeting interesting bits or writing a scene for a story I haven’t even really clearly envisioned by any stretch of the imagination.

A fellow Ed Quinn fan and I were going back and forth about our favorite mutual subject and in the course of tweets, I said:

“@dawn_warn The image (of) @OfficialEdQuinn with any weaponry in hand is actually a lovely vision.”

(Yeah, I forgot the “of” in that tweet. Bah! Oh well.)

So how do you read that little off hand comment of mine? I could say that I wrote it in utter innocence but would you believe me? Of course not! But how would a man read that?

Sometimes I’m floored by the tweets that catch EQ’s eye. I’m sure he reads all of them (otherwise the replies or RTs or favorites wouldn’t be so random) but he doesn’t reply to all of them. I didn’t really think he’d reply to that particular tweet but…

A reply from EQ

Soooo, ummm, yeah.

I shot off a quick reply:

@OfficialEdQuinn @dawn_warn Crap, I’m blushing now. Gee, thanks Ed! πŸ˜‰

When I saw that reply, of course I felt that usual thrill (OMIGOSH, HE READ MY TWEET AND REPLIED!!! is the standard). But then I realized that it meant HE READ THAT TWEET which was innocent but not really. Did it give him a laugh? I hope so. Perhaps he grinned at the sly sass and obliged his loving fans with a picture of him holding some weaponry so that 1) we’d be delighted and 2) we’d want more of him and 3) we’d spread the word.

So I alternated between laughing full on and blushing several shades. Good thing the dogs were my only witnesses. πŸ˜‰

But how cool is it that he sent a pic from a yet-to-be released project? Now I just want to see it even more! (The Last Light)

I want to say that I do sincerely appreciate the bits of twitter attention. It gives me an innocent delight and though it seems that I may read more into it all than likely is, I don’t. I believe that he’s appreciative of *our* attention and gives us back just enough to keep us hooked. And it’s working. And it’s nice. Sometimes all we need is that CONNECTION, of the acknowledgement. Still, I do feel a little spoiled by it. Also very nice. πŸ˜‰

But seriously, doesn’t he look hot with weaponry in hand?

Ed Quinn sporting some weaponry