Listworthy – an intro

So what makes a man worthy of my List? 

If you know me, you know I’m one of those fella-crazy kind of chicks. I admit it. I might not be a girl but I still have a fangirl heart and it beats fiercely for her fellas. I think it keeps me young. Well, that’s my story. 😉

Many of my adult adorations stemmed from my years of watching Hercules the Legendary Journeys and Xena Warrior Princess. Two series set in mythological times, the shows employed a wonderful array of guest stars playing gods, villains, and heroes clad in leather and wielding swords or crossbows or daggers. It was heavenly on so many levels, especially for my personal creativity. For the first time, I indulged in writing a bit of fan fiction. My stories usually centered upon an offshoot character interacting with established characters. There were many of us (self dubbed Priestesses of Ares, as he was our binding interest) and it was a wonderful way to learn how to navigate the new wonders of the internet.

The shows inspired spirited debates, fan fiction, and eventually conventions. We were able to meet the actors behind our favorite characters and I still treasure those moments meeting Kevin Smith (Ares) the first time, getting a surprise kiss (on the cheek) from the cheeky Karl Urban (Cupid/Caesar), sharing a hugging picture with Ryan Gosling (Young Hercules), getting invited on stage by William Gregory Lee (Virgil), and shaking hands with Charles Mesure (Michael and others). I made lifelong friends and experienced such happy times and for that I am ever grateful.

I keep track of “my fellas” from those days and am happy and proud of their accomplishments. I could have written essays on all of them back then but my way of showing adoration manifested through creating fansites. My first fansites were for Kevin Smith and Erik Thomson, who played Hades on the two shows. I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin on several occasions and he was the main reason I started attending the conventions. I credit him with bringing me into a circle of friends I have to this day. And when he died, I cried my heart out for the loss. It took a long time for me to watch his work again but I still feel that thrill and admiration for him and forever cherish those moments I shared with him… I haven’t met Erik Thomson in person but for many years we corresponded because of my website to him. We’ve been out of touch for awhile but I still follow his work and think most fondly of him…

And that’s a little bit about me.

So what makes one “listworthy”? Here’s my criteria in a nutshell:

  1. Talent – Most of my list are actors or musicians. They have the heart and soul to make me FEEL, whether it’s laughter or sorrow or desire or pain. They have the power to make me feel it through their words or their music or their actions. And if he can make me cry, he’s got me forever.
  2. Education – Nothing is more fantastic than finding out that one of my fellas actually FINISHED college. I don’t care what kind of degree he earned, just the fact that he kept his ass in school is damn hot. This is not a make or break quality but it definitely gives the fella an edge in my fangirl affections.
  3. Kindness – Look, he just has to be kind to me, if we ever interact in any way. But if he’s nice in other ways, well that’s just icing.
  4. Sports – I’m sure not all my fellas like sports but if they do, it’s another point in their favor. I seriously cannot fathom men who don’t like some kind of sport.
  5. Looks – Did you really think I’d *not* mention this part? I know, it’s utterly and despicably superficial but good looks are the lure. Besides, I need good looks if the fella is going to be a character in one of my stories. 😉

I like other things as well, such as accent, height, affection for me (ha!), and other things but the truly listworthy will fit most of the above five qualities.

You won’t find many “big names” on my list unless you follow certain genres. A man’s ability to be a star is definitely NOT a criteria and in actuality most of the A-listers out there– good looking and talented as they may be– just don’t turn on my fangirl heart. Simple as that. So I might admire a Bradley Cooper or a Ryan Reynolds but they won’t ever make my list. Well, unless I meet them and then I’d have to reconsider. 😉

I intend on writing about those men who’ve landed on my list or currently reside there and the reasons why they appeal to me. And maybe, just maybe I’ll turn you on to someone new and exciting or remind of you why you adore your very own listworthy one. 😉