the constant of love

I will remember
beyond this one existence
the constant of love

The last episode of the show Fringe had me in tears along the way. I thought it was so well done and it made me happy and sad all at the same time. No spoilers but as a fan of the show, I thought it was a fitting end though bittersweet. I shall miss their adventures! Alas!

I’m searching for a DVD and happened upon our Eureka collection:
The last #Eureka DVD we bought. Awwww, @officialedquinn! :)

This season (3.0) is the last we see of Nathan Stark until the one episode in season 4. I find it telling that we didn’t buy any more Eureka DVDs after Ed Quinn was no longer on the show. Also, it’s annoying to buy show DVDs that aren’t the full season.

I just had to do some screencaps. I’m that way…

"I Do Over"
"I Do Over"
"I Do Over"

I’m looking for a DVD that someone sent me and I can’t find it! I know it’s around here somewhere but it’s hiding from me. While looking for this DVD, I did find this one:

Demon Under Glass

I probably bought it because of the same person as the missing DVD but I have no idea if I’ve ever watched it. Ooops! In fact, looking through our DVD collection (not blu-rays), I see that there are many movies I have not watched and I was the one who bought the movies. Yikes! 😛

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