even now – remembering Kevin Tod Smith

even now
you still have that way
of making me smile
wonder with longing
what might have been
even now
I can hear your laugh
see those eyes
twinkle with mischief
yet ever sweet
even now
when you’re just memories
I remember well
those fleeting moments
we met long ago
even now
I can’t help the melancholy
but I laugh instead
feeling you’d like that best
instead of tears

KSOFC Brunch 1998
KSOFC Brunch 1998 – a group shot

What I wrote a year ago still holds true: Remembering Kevin Tod Smith

I almost forgot.

Not really but I had to be reminded that today eleven years ago, Kevin Smith died. Timothy Omundson tweeted out a picture of him and Kev with words of remembrance. Victoria Pratt also tweeted out some words for him. Looks like Lucy Lawless did the same. It’s nice to see his friends and co-workers still remember him.

And I am so ever grateful to him for bringing me the friends I still have to this day. We came together because of our love for him then forged a friendship filled with awesome memories and daily chatter. Maybe we were always meant to be friends but we found our way to one another through him.

KSOFC Brunch 1998

I still miss him in this world.

Kevin Smith