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Listworthy: William Gregory Lee

photo by Stephon Fuller

William Gregory Lee (“Greg”)
DOB: 24 January 1973
height: 6’
degree of separation: 0
my list or yours: mine

First sighting: His first episode of Xena Warrior Princess
First meeting: 12 November 2000 – The Palo Alto Xena convention

I started another zero degree of separation fella but for some reason I’ve been thinking about Greg a lot lately and decided that I should remember why he’s listworthy to me. This one is probably a little more personal since he and I did correspond over the years and I consider him a kind of long distance friend of sorts. 😉

I should probably say that Greg was never a top spot holder for me, not in the way Jensen was or a few others (to be soon featured). Greg was the last Xena “hunk” to get a fansite out of me and for that I will always be devoted and adoring. From the first moment he hit the screen as Virgil to our first meeting and beyond, he has always impressed me.

Greg first appeared in the Xena episode “Livia.” This episode marked the time jump to twenty-five years into Xena and Gabrielle’s future. They meet up with Joxer and his son Virgil, played by the delectable Greg Lee. Who knew that Joxer could spawn such a handsome and strapping young man? Greg was more than a handsome face as Virgil– he as a bard and a loving son. The moment he hooked me was when Joxer died and Virgil shed tears, his face twisted in pain and sorrow. It was near the season’s end that I created my last Xena fella centric fansite– William Gregory Lee Online.

I first met at Greg’s first Xena convention in Palo Alto. I was excited because 1) my friends were coming up from LA so that we could go to the con, 2) the con was pretty much local for me, and 3) I was going to meet Greg!

Dare I confess that I hoped to find him less than adorable? I had the heavy fanchick burden (say that in a most sarcastic tone, please!) of too many fansites and if Greg ended up being too adorable, I’d have to spread more of my time to him. Oh bother! Well, my hopes were dashed and he ended up being the most wonderful convention interaction I had since Karl Urban kissed me (… on the cheek) and Ryan Gosling (yes, that Ryan Gosling) hugged me for a picture. Here’s a fun trivia note: I met Greg on Ryan’s 20th birthday! (sidenote: Ryan figured prominently in a conversation I had the next day with Trevor Guthrie, he of soulDecision. But that’s another story.)

Greg & Val 2000

Back to Greg. After meeting him that first time, I was done. I would be “his” fangal for the long haul. We totally clicked when we met. He treated me like an old friend, which of course warmed my heart. He was the sweetest and loveliest person and how could I not adore him after he invited me up on stage for a picture?

group shot, 2000

Through the years, he was very supportive of my fansite to him and even allowed me to take his name for the URL. We became friends of sorts, the kind that exchanged emails and random IMs (though it’s been a long time since we’ve done either). We’ve only see each other twice in person (both Xena conventions) but I still think we’ll meet up again someday and I’m always keeping an eye out for him and thinking good thoughts for his life and work.

And how does Greg fair with the five points of criteria?

CSI:NY - Past Imperfect

Greg has that ability to be sweet, sexy, scary, seductive, sullen, tough, and vulnerable. He can be funny or serious, whatever is called for a character. His turns as Virgil in Xena and Zack in Dark Angel stay with me the most as both those characters run the gamut of emotions and Greg played them with skill. Whether Virgil’s sorrow over Joxer or Zack’s unrequited love for Max, Greg shot right for the heart.

Hmmm, I confess, I don’t know much on this score. (How is that possible?)

The first moment I met Greg, I knew that he was a good soul. He was a little nervous about his first convention but he was so sweet. And when he realized who I was (wait, he knew about me?!), I just knew I would ever be sweet on him. He’s always ready with that smile of his and he has only ever been the most adorable and wonderful guy to me. For awhile he kept me updated for the website and I will always appreciate the time he took with me.

Greg is a HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fan. We never really talked too much sports although I think he might remember I’m an A’s fan. I love when people love their sports and Greg definitely loves his team. I’m thinking he’s still loyal to them.

Greg is a handsome fella no matter how you cut it. No arguments. How could you not love that smile of his or the way his blue eyes twinkle? Exactly. He was mostly clean-cut those early years I noticed him, though as Zack he did sport the longer hair. The last picture I saw of him (from the recent Xena convention), he was nicely scruffy and I liked it. 😉

I will always have a special place in my heart for Greg. I will always wish him well in all he does and hope that one day we meet again.