eq fellas poetry

sweet with a soft sway

when the music starts
beckoning to take that step
sweet with a soft sway

more handwritten thoughts, this time “Lights Out Love”

Ahh, sweet Friday! Not a bad day at work. Caught up on the logging of paperwork but there’s always more to do. Evermore to do.

Got a tweet favorited from the favorite.

My Harry Connick Jr. CD arrived!

I couldn’t help but buy the actual CD because 1) I had $5 burning in my Amazon account and 2) it was cheaper to buy the CD than to buy the digital tracks. I’ve had two listens so far and it’s pretty good. But I’m biased and will always love anything Harry does. I’m just made that way. 🙂

Just a bit ago, I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and happened upon a tweet by Matt Dusk. I didn’t realize he had a new CD coming out and of course I clicked on the link to his music page and oh my goodness, I fell in love! I LOVE AND ADORE jazzy vocal/big band music and Matt has been a favorite of mine since that reality show based in Las Vegas. So I ordered the CD (yes, another physical CD!) and have three songs to put on repeat until the rest of digital tracks are released on Tuesday. LOL

Oh, and I tweeted at him because I just couldn’t help myself. Didn’t think I’d get a reply but…

Go on, tell me I’m spoiled. I know I am. But seriously, how sweet is he?

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