fellas poetry

magmahal at maghintay mula sa kalayuan

I will pretend (ako ay magpanggap)
I don’t care (wala akong pakialam)
even if it’s not true (kahit na ito ay hindi totoo)
laugh when I could cry (tumawa kapag kaya kong mag-iiyak)
stay when I should leave (manatili kapag ang dapat kong mag-iwan)
I will pretend (ako ay magpanggap)
you don’t matter to me (hindi mo na mahalaga sa akin)
even if it’s not true (kahit na ito ay hindi totoo)
love and wait from afar (magmahal at maghintay mula sa kalayuan)
for the day you’ll never come (para sa araw na hindi ka na kailanman dumating)

I wish I could get to the point of writing poetry in another language. How cool would that be? The last couple of bi-lingual poems are done by writing it in English, running it through Google’s translator, then figuring out if it sounds right to the ear. (I suppose it’s a good thing I can understand a little Tagalog.) It sucks when I can’t pronounce the words in my head though, like “kalayuan.” I’m thinking I haven’t really heard anyone say that word before so I struggle a little when I read it to myself. I wonder if native speakers would find my attempts odd or laughable. 😛 Oh well, it’s just for fun…

Hudson does it all vs. Nats in career victory No. 200 – Congratulations Huddy!!! So not only did he get win # 200, he also doubled AND homered. Very nice! 😀

driving and talking on the mobile = bad
Stonebridge is *always* so serious!

Watched a bit of Strike Back during my lunch break. 😉

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