stealing a breath and heartbeat

Two poems since I forgot to post yesterday. WTH?!

poem #1
the thrill rushes quick
stealing a breath and heartbeat

poem #2
just give it a chance
confess a part of your heart
you might be surprised

The weekends scuttle by so quickly, especially when they’re not the lovely three day kinds. Alas.

Created with Wood Camera

I’ve started writing another story but the characters have no names and I think I’m writing the end of the story. Maybe it’s just a short thing since my Muse has not obliged me more with my other stories. Maddening.



The Crusaders lost to the Sharks. Boo! (Rugby)… The A’s swept the Astros. Yah! The Cardinals took the series from the Giants. (baseball)… Syracuse lost to Michigan in their Final Four game. Alas! (college basketball)…


Game of Thrones – I must say, I LOVE how they’re playing Margaery Tyrell. She is gutsier in the show than in the books and I love it… The actor playing Bran isn’t a little boy anymore! He’s taller and his voice has changed. Goodness me!… Even though Theon has done despicable things, I still felt a bit sorry for him. But only a bit… I look forward to more Brienne and Jaime. Love their interactions…