step back from the thrill

why can’t I forget
the warmth of such attention
step back from the thrill

The wind was so wild today. Crazy wild. It was exhilarating! But not enough for me to step outside during my lunch. LOL Oh well.


It’s inevitable, in the lifetime of a fangirl’s love, that the obsession (let’s call it for what it is) settles into a comfortable adoration to warm the imagination. The hot heat of it tapers down to a lovely glow, fed occasionally by remembered thrills and new stories generously supplied by the Muse. So it is with me. The hardest thing, I think, is the comedown, the newness turning to routine, the thrill losing its hold. The problem, in this case, is that I depended on things that were obviously fleeting and now they’ve dissipated. And all I can say is ALAS. Alas.


I’m still working on what I’m supposing will be a short story but it’s focused on the end (or near end) and the characters have no names. Why do I insist on starting stories when I have other stories in the wings waiting to be finished? Oh, and those characters have names! I don’t even know what the fella looks like in this particular story. I have this weird feeling he’s going to end up looking like Sullivan Stapleton and I don’t know why! WTH!? (No, my main fella cannot look like a fella I only have a passing interest in. Please, no! And he’s not even the one in Strike Back that I like! Crap. Or as his character Damian Scott would say, F–k!)

Sullivan Stapleton as Themistocles in 300: Rise of an Empire



Really, Cardinals? I actually listen while at work and you freakin’ let the Reds blow you out in the 9th?! (Wait, why does that sound weird?)


Tonight’s Castle is a repeat of “The Final Frontier” and Ed Quinn will be livetweeting along with the writer (Kate Sargeant) and director (Jonathan Frakes). Why does the show have to be on at 10pm? So not fair! I think I’ll stay up. At the very least I can read the tweets, right? LOL Now, something clever enough to say to catch Ed’s eye. What shall it be? 😉