there’s no prize at the end

it’s a not a race there’s no prize at the end going over the top just makes you crash it’s not too cute letting go of dignity taking up desperation disguised by adoration it’s not the world those slivers of attention merely thoughts in passing moments ever fleeting Finally, the answer to a question!

tell me

tell me how did I do it catch your eye tell me what do you see when you look at me tell me is this coincidence a meeting of chance tell me did you know me before we smiled

what do you do

what do you do when it’s broken promises forsaken hearts shattered chaos spinning what do you do when forever ends memories so bitter love sad and tainted endless tears falling what do you do when there’s nothing left only dark emptiness mocking your dreams wasting away unfulfilled the new-to-us Nissan Altima Coupe

maybe you forgot

maybe you forgot dismissed your own memories locking the regret Poem for yesterday. I’ll write today’s later. I had a busy Tuesday night. This picture should explain a little?

indifferent to sorrow

maybe I’ve let go indifferent to sorrow unconcerned by pain We had free admission tickets and used them for the first showing of Star Trek Into Darkness. Yes, I saw it again. πŸ˜‰

the cool of the breeze

remember this the touch of sunshine the cool of the breeze the rustle of the leaves the peace of this eternal rest my grandfather’s gravemarker We were going that way so we stopped by to visit my grandfather’s grave. It was appropriate, as it’s Memorial Day weekend and he served in the US Army during…

smile with me

smile with me take my hand walk this path for just awhile stop and laugh feel the sunshine breathe the spring listen to the birds sing that song hum that tune fly with the breeze smile with me Instead of staying home and being utterly lazy, I got ready and walked to the nearby theatre…

Google+ Hangouts – my take

Google recently announced the new version of Google+ Hangouts, replacing the chat in Gmail as well as Google Talk on Android. Hangouts is a standalone messenger on iOS and has a Chrome extension (which works with the Chrome browser closed). My friends and I have moved from using the G+ messenger to Hangouts and it…