just let it go

just let it go
turn your heart
towards the light
towards the laughter
towards the love
just let it go
slip like sand
the darkness
the vitriol
the malice
just let it go
feel the rush
of something new
of something bright
of something true
when you let it go

The fellas on my computer this morning
Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton = desktop wallpaper

When I turned on my computer at work, I could not log on! 🙁 Thank goodness my phone calls did not require any computer stuff while I waited for my computer to be operational. At the end, I had all my programs but lost my computer settings. So I had to find a photo for my desktop and I opted for the Strike Back boys. Something fresh! I’m sure Ed Quinn will find his way back to me but for now I’m on a Strike Back binge.

After a few days of not much from PW on twitter, today he retweeted one of my tweets!
Tweet retweeted

Ahhh, PW love. It amuses me how much I delight in these slivers of attention. 😉