nothing in this heart

nothing in this heart
remains beholden to you
all has been undone

Stonebridge so serious, Scott at play

So you know how I’m Strike Back fan? Well, I’ve apparently mentioned the show enough to catch the attention of the Cinemax twitter account because after my usual Follow Friday shout-outs, I posted this:

@walelia: If either of the fellas were on twitter, I’d be #FF-ing the heck out of them! <3 ya #SullivanStapleton & #PhilipWinchester

And I was TOTALLY SERIOUS. Then I got this reply:

@Cinemax: @walelia Psst! @PhilipWinchest

Wait, WHAT?! I was EXCITED! One half of the Strike Back duo is on Twitter?! So I tweeted this:

@walelia: OY! #FF @PhilipWinchest!!! kicks ass, halfly because of you. (Halfly? LOL) Anyhoo, thank you @Cinemax for showing me. 😉

I was just stoked that he’s on Twitter. I didn’t really expect a reply. No, not really. But lo, got one anyway!

@PhilipWinchest: 🙂 RT @walelia OY! #FF @PhilipWinchest kicks ass,halfly because of you. (Halfly? LOL) Anyhoo, thank you @Cinemax for showing me.

Apparently he’s a fella of few words. I got another smiley face to another of my tweets. 😉

So yeah, my Twitter interactions made for a good start to Friday. Later in the day the @Cinemax account did a Follow Friday for Strike Back fans and included me and Paula. PW retweeted that one as well. I feel twitter-loved. LOL 😉

Damn, I am easy fangirl.

the tiny red solo cup amuses me…