smile with me

smile with me
take my hand
walk this path
for just awhile
stop and laugh
feel the sunshine
breathe the spring
listen to the birds
sing that song
hum that tune
fly with the breeze
smile with me

Instead of staying home and being utterly lazy, I got ready and walked to the nearby theatre to watch a movie. Guess which movie.

my ticket

Yes, I saw Star Trek Into Darkness again. It is my duty as 1) a Star Trek fan, 2) a Karl Urban fan, and 3) a Chris Pine fan. Now, I won’t always see a Chris Pine movie in the theatre but I usually do my best to see a Karl Urban one. So this is just a perfect storm. Plus Benedict Cumberbatch is just so good! Damn, I could listen to him all day long. Makes me want to watch some Sherlock just to watch him.

My thoughts, take 2, of Star Trek Into Darkness… Even knowing what was going to happen, I still cried at the same parts. In fact, I teared up at a new part (near the end). The movie definitely pulls at the heart if you just give in to it… The action still rocks with its rush… Karl Urban still makes me smile and he IS Bones… Chris Pine and his beautiful blue eyes can be so distracting but he manages to give Kirk the heart and soul required. Kirk is still reckless but has enough restraint to hear the logic dished out by his first officer… Zachary Quinto’s portrayal of Spock continues to intrigue me. He has given the character so much depth, bringing almost to the surface the emotion I always felt Spock had but hardly showed. (I have always considered Vulcans masters of controlling their emotions as opposed to not feeling at all.) I especially enjoyed trying to catch the hints of emotions ZQ effectively played… My disinterestedness in Alice Eve’s character softened a bit on second viewing but I still found her “damsel in distress” a bit disappointing in comparison to Zoe Saldana’s Uhura. And after reading Felicia Day’s observations (SPOILERS in her post, so tread carefully!) regarding the women in this latest Star Trek movie, I am compelled to point out that the scene she used as an example actually did have more than one woman (I counted at least four if not more). And if you look at the extras in the movie, you will see women everywhere in different capacities (I saw one in Engineering, for example). Still, I understand what she’s saying but I think using a reboot of Star Trek to make her point might not have served her purpose since changing too much of the canon would have certainly caused more uproar than it already has. Just saying… Benedict Cumberbatch is AMAZING. I really do not think I can say that enough. Even though he’s the villain, we still see a moment of vulnerability and he uses it as a strength… The music. I love the music to Star Trek. It is perfect and emotional and gut wrenching and a rush. Perfect.

All in all, I still love the movie. And I think if it’s still playing at the Delta next week, I’ll go watch it. Does that make me dedicated or silly? 😉 Wait, don’t answer that!


I stopped for lunch at Starbucks. It’s just so easy to go there when you have a gold card and you can pay with the app on the phone. The future is now! LOL