somewhere along the way

somewhere along the way
something changed
one wrong turn
leading to the unknown
but what’s missing
has it merely faded
or did it just stop
leaving you forsaken

Strike Back
Philip Winchester in Strike Back

I seriously cannot stop doing screencaps of Strike Back on my phone. It’s rather amazing how easy it is to do pretty screencaps from the iPhone. It used to take me AGES to do screencaps like this one:
Greg as Zack on Dark Angel
Jensen Ackles (Alec) and Greg Lee (Zack) on Dark Angel

That is the largest size of my screencap. I think I even cropped it down because back in the day, it would take too long for an image to load. Now it’s so quick! Crazy! If Dark Angel was still streaming on Netflix, I’d probably re-do all the screencaps I did for that show. At least the Greg ones. LOL

Greg as Zack

The school year is winding down out this way. All the end of the year stuff is happening. I think when the last day of school finally rolls around, I’m just going to sit there and think, what the hell just happened? LOL

Strike Back
Sullivan Stapleton on Strike Back

I really don’t know what it is about Sullivan Stapleton that just gets me so revved. I have given up on explaining it to myself. 😉