the moonlight’s caress

let me feel
the moonlight’s caress
the silver shadows
cool and light
eternal promise
unspoken and timeless
a sweet perfection
in just one breath

The full moon

I have a fascination with the moon. I should have paid more attention in science class, especially physics. I find the moon intriguing on so many levels…

Listening to the Headstones’ latest album, Love + Fury. I like it so far!

What makes me happy at the moment:

  • It’s the beginning of a long weekend! Glorious! 😀
  • The A’s won, the Cardinals won!
  • Philip Winchester is actually following me on Twitter! I keep checking because I’m a little bemused by it all. Oh, and he retweeted my #FF today. 😉
  • I get to watch some rugby tomorrow!
  • The weather has cooled down a bit and I LOVE IT.
  • My friends and I are having fun with Google Hangouts. Maybe more on that later.

me = tickled