what you do to me

nothing can explain
the stop and start of my heart
what you do to me

First, go watch this video and like the heck out of it! 😉

The Cipher Effect – Episode 1

Second, ask and ye shall receive?

Me, being slightly cheeky, tweeted this:

@walelia :@PhilipWinchest How does one get on your follow list, I wonder? 😉 (No really, I’m just wondering. lol)

Seriously, I was just wondering. No pressure, I promise! And I didn’t really expect an answer. He’s pretty one-worded in his answers (if he answers at all). So no, I didn’t expect an answer.

And I didn’t get one.

Instead, I got this:

Wait, what?!

::THUD:: <= me hitting the floor (not really but go along, eh?) So hold on, one half of my Strike Back boys is on Twitter and is now following me?! I’m like the token “regular” person on his follow list. ::deep breath:: But it’s no big deal, right? Right. Crap, I hope he doesn’t actually read my regular tweets (ie the ones not directed at him). What if he follows the links to my blog?! CRIPES!

(Like any of that will ever happen. It won’t. It just won’t. Right?)

The more I write about this, the more I kinda freak out. In a good and normal way though. You know, the fangirl way. I’m a good fangirl. I must keep telling myself that. But geez, if I get this worked up over a simple follow by a fella who isn’t even really on my List, what does this say about me?

Don’t answer that.

Here’s a pic a I posted to Twitter that Mr. Winchester retweeted to his followers. 😉 Example of me being a Strike Back fangirl.

(And yes, it has occurred to me that it might not be *him* actually administering the twitter account. But I’m taking it at face value and believing that it’s him. 😉 )

Again, me = OOC…