this line you’re crossing

this line you’re crossing
blurring notions of respect
will end in sorrow

Strike Back
Sullivan Stapleton & Philip Winchester – Strike Back

Here are some random things I’d like to say… No one controls Mother Nature. If you know a heat wave is hitting during an event you’re going to attend, have a plan in mind. Don’t think that the organizers are going to somehow be able control the weather. No one told you that you had to attend. If you do, BE PREPARED… Brentwood has a magazine called 110°. You know why? Because IT GETS HOT OUT HERE. Do you know that the newspaper has a section and evening news and morning news also have segments in their shows where they actually predict the weather and show pretty graphics on how hot or cold it will be? Genius!… Hells bells, even the “city folk” who come to pick cherries out this way know to dress appropriately and to keep hydrated or better yet, keep their asses at home, if the weather is going to be too severe… (See this in case you’re wondering why the heck I’m ranting…)

And if you want to voice your opinion to someone, don’t vent to the person who answers the phone because more likely than not, she had no control over anything you’re complaining about and it’s disrespectful to keep saying “you should have done this” or “you should have done that” when she had NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF IT.

As Mychael Urban would say, Bad for Ball.

But you know what’s Good for Ball? Me loving Strike Back. Why? Because the show and its stars make me happy at the moment, even if it means checking out Philip Winchester’s twitter page almost everyday (for reasons better left undisclosed). Now, if we could just somehow get Sullivan Stapleton to Twitter (and have him pay attention as his co-star does), you’ll see a happy fangirl in me. Not that I’m unhappy. I’m actually quite tickled.