what would it take

poem #1:
what would it take
for you to look my way
just a little smile
maybe a whisper
ending in laughter
what could I do
to make you turn my way
play a game
pretend itโ€™s nothing
even if you take my hand
what should I say
if you do happen my way
lock down the confession
act cool and unaffected
just smile a shy hello

poem #2
I try never to expect
anything from you
not a word
not a glance
not a thought
just because
I know not to expect
anything from you
not a smile
not a wink
not a hint
of anything more
I would never expect
anything from you
not your hand
not your heart
not your love
without expecting
to give mine to you

I’ll give a rundown on the Jane Monheit show from last night tomorrow or this weekend. Until then, here are my Strike Back boys:

Strike Back
Strike Back

You know, because they make me happy, especially the one who RTs me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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