breaks in my resolve

won’t you keep me close
forgive my indiscretions
breaks in my resolve

Sunday night

What, I watched a movie that didn’t have “Trek” or “Steel” in the title? Miracle! And how did I like it?

My take on The Lone Ranger… I liked it! Johnny Depp played Tonto with that quirky vibe and it worked for me. I wish we got more backstory on Armie Hammer’s John Reid but oh well, got the gist of it. I liked him and would have loved to have seen more of him but even though it’s called The Lone Ranger, Johnny Depp was obviously the star… The movie had action and adventure with a decent plot. The landscape was beautiful… I suppose I can see why the movie tanked at the box office but I personally enjoyed it well enough. Though it was over two hours, it didn’t feel like it, which is always a good thing. 😉