drifting and forgetting this

part of it was you
drifting and forgetting this
part of it was me

Sullivan Stapleton & Philip Winchester – Strike Back

Cinemax, August 9 = Strike Back returns!!! Who me, excited? Hell yeah.

Henry Cavill, just because

No gossip from me but wrap your mind around this– Penny dating Superman?!


  • I love this time of year but I have really slowed down at work. There are so many things I should do but I seem to just do one project everyday. I’m sure I could do at least two? I dunno, it’s annoying me because I’m letting the lull slow me. And then I don’t care. And then I do. It’s so confusing.
  • Oh, and why does my inspiration hit me at inconvenient times? And then when I actually have time to write or whatever, I’m seriously at a loss. FRUSTRATING!
  • This heatwave can go suck it.
  • True Blood – I’m suspicious of Ben yet I want to see him naked. Don’t most of those characters on True Blood eventually get naked? So when is it his turn?… And I kinda wanted Eric to go ahead and take a little of what Miss Governor’s Daughter was offering. Come on, Northman, you’re not really that into Sookie, are you?… Love that Andy hasn’t named his daughters but instead just calls them by number. And they’re so cute when they call him Daddy… I still don’t like Alcide’s weird character turn but I did like how he defended the stupid human girl who could have gotten eaten for all I cared… And what the hell with Bill walking into the sun?! Is he NUTS?!