just once let my kiss linger

won’t you dream of me
just once let my kiss linger
sweet upon your lips

The last day of break. The morning was nice. We had convocation. But after lunch everything just went into overdrive or something and I had ringing phones and people in my lobby. Nutters.

Henry Cavill
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True Blood – I like this show a lot but damn, this season has been all over the place. I want to say this episode was a little slow for me but here are some things that I liked:

  • Ben – naked, clothed, whatever! I like him more and more even though I don’t get the whole wanting Sookie thing. Wait, strike that, I do know why he wants her and I can almost accept it but geez, does she always have to have hot boys?!
  • Jessica and hot vampire boy getting it on. Seriously, he was kinda hot and sweet.
  • Bill walking into the Bellefleur home and everyone kinda freakin’ out about it. HILARIOUS! And look, Portia!
  • Alcide about to get his lying ass kicked! I only liked it because I have hopes that he’ll realize the wisdom of his father’s words and realize the pack life is not for him.
  • Pam and her seductive ways.
  • Eric & Nora – Sad, so sad! But their bit was one of the most heartbreaking moments I’ve ever witnessed for Eric. Here is someone he truly loved and he could do nothing to save her. It was sad and gross the way she met her true death. Yikes!

And the things I didn’t like? Well…

  • Sarah Newlin and her antics. I get it, we need the antagonist but she’s NUTS. Actually, I don’t mind the individual but the whole humans against vampires thing is just annoying to me.
  • Sam and that chick – She annoys me so much that I don’t even care what her name is. As with Alcide, I just do not like what they’ve done with Sam’s character. His lover Luna dies (which totally pissed me off because I adore Janina Gavankar) and then he immediately hooks up with some chick who wants to reveal his shifter ways? WTH is wrong with him? Every scene with the two of them just got on my last nerve and I was glad when they went their separate ways. Thank TPTB, I thought to myself!
  • That chick and her mom getting caught by the pack – Really, so now what? Is Alcide supposed to come to his senses and save her and the mother? Damnit! I want him to do it yet I wouldn’t mind seeing her get eaten up by the werewolves. I’m torn, just torn!

I’m really glad this show is nearing the end of the season. As much as I love all the eye candy, I’m tired of the stuff I don’t like about it. I hope it gets better as it ends…

The Fall – If you have Netflix, watch this series. It’s only five episodes and it’s pretty awesome. It’s like a drawn out episode of every procedural crime show out there but it concentrates on the little intricacies of the characters and the crimes. Gillian Anderson is brilliant in it and Jamie Dornan is freakin’ awesome! Plus all the Irish accents, holy moly! 😉 GA is sporting her English accent in this, which is pretty cool. 😉 And if you’ve seen Once Upon a Time, you’ll not look at the Sheriff/Huntsman in the same way again after watching this…

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