promise the depth of your heart

perhaps just a kiss
can hold at bay this longing
flowing hot and sweet

better yet, whisper
promise the depth of your heart
beyond just this touch

when will we join hands
letting the world disappear
with just one embrace

I’m counting the above as three poems but I wanted to post them at once since they could relate to one another. And this way I don’t have to write a poem this weekend. Hmmm. 😉

Strike Back
Strike Back
Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton – hot and sweaty on Strike Back

Holy crap, I just realized Strike Back premieres its new season in two weeks. New eps of MY BOYS!!! Be still my fangirl heart!

This is the last Friday of summer break. Where does the time go?

Henry on Leno
Henry on Leno

Oh, and I must mention this dream I had… I was crossing the Bay Bride (on foot?) and there were holographic images of space ships and cloud cities floating over the Bay. It was almost as if I were on ride at an amusement park except it seemed like I started off walking. Strange, right?

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