surrender to the darkness

I will lose myself
surrender to the darkness
filling up this soul

Shots from the trailer
Eva Green & Sullivan Stapleton in the 300 Rise of an Empire trailer

Why does it seem as though Sully is always getting kissy-faced with someone? LOL I’m not complaining, it’s more of an observation. πŸ˜‰

True Blood – Last night’s episode was pretty good. I liked 1) anything with Ben, 2) anything with the vamp camp (damn, Pam was AWESOME), 3) the poor surviving daughter of Andy, and 4) Lafayette once again being taken over to do something dastardly… And as much as I love Alcide, I really do not like this turn in his character. It’s like he’s not thinking things through and he’s just acting to prove himself. Darlin’, you do not need to prove a darn thing except that a packmaster can be powerful with a heart.

Joe as Alcide
And yet, I’d still take him as my packmaster…

I know some people really dig Alcide’s character turn (he gets to be all Alpha and tough) but it’s just not sitting well with me and I was glad to see when Jackson challenged him on his reasons for wanting to find Emma. All that aside, it is pretty cool seeing Joe Manganiello do the tough side of Alcide. I just wish we had a little peek into the sensitive man that he’s shown in previous seasons.

an early morning tweet to me…

The dogs woke me up early in the morning to go out and since I was half awake, I checked the time on my phone and of course saw the tweet above from Charles Mesure. I LOVE when I get random tweets from him (other fellas of my fangirl heart, take note). But I especially love when he uses my name in his replies to me and calls me “Val.” How crazy sweet is that?! So, what a lovely way to begin my Monday (though I did go back to sleep).

And today is my last Monday off until Labor Day. Why do I even torture myself by saying something like that? I should just say that I will miss summer break very much. πŸ™‚