when I forget I don’t care

I want to feel nothing
when I see your name
when I hear your voice
I don’t feel nothing
not when I see your smile
not when I hear you laugh
I can’t feel something
when I know it’s over
when I’ve let you go
yet I feel something
when I can’t forget
when I forget I don’t care

Strike Back
Strike Back – Sullivan Stapleton & Philip Winchester

I’m playing Robin Thicke’s new album right now. I very much like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Life in a bullet list…

  • Under the Dome – I watch this show but I almost want to kick everyone’s asses. LOL What the hell with killing off Rose? And I was yelling at Angie to take Big Jim’s deal even though she should tell him to shove it. But since no one knows how long they’ll be under the dome, she might see the reasoning behind his deal… I still want someone to kill Junior. He gets on my last nerve and he’s super creepy!… I like Barbie the best. He’s the only one with some sense… As much as I don’t mind the show, I can’t really believe it was renewed. Does that mean it’s going to end on some kind of cliffhanger? It’ll piss me off if it does. UGH! Still, I do enjoy the shorter series run format. Dramas should be twelve or thirteen episodes at a time. Gives us more time to watch more shows!
  • Work is kicking my ass at the moment! And that’s how much I want to say about that!
  • I can’t believe how fast I turned on one of my fellas. I almost feel nothing sometimes and then I’m reminded by something and I just want to scream. It’s really a strange sensation. Perhaps best explained in a private post sometime…
  • Maybe it’s the constant headache that’s annoying me at the moment.
  • Strike Back returns August 9th. I’M EXCITED!!! Can you tell? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Strike Back
Strike Back