you can’t be perfect

I skipped yesterday’s poem. WTH? And even though I think I was ahead I’ll still try for two today. Here it goes…

Poem #1
you can’t be perfect
even when you smile so sweet
with all the right words

Poem #2
maybe just one time
as you take my offered hand
you will laugh with me

Why I wish I'd gone to Comic Con
most of the reasons I wanted to go to Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con – So many reasons why I wish I could have been there…

I watched an hour of Nerd HQ because they had Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. It was so fun to watch! Both of the boys were funny. Made me wish I’d kept watching Supernatural
NerdHQ with Supernatural

I tried not to watch too many Henry Cavill vids but I found one just to do some screencaps and my gosh, he’s so freakin’ lovely! Damn handsome, that one. And articulate!…
Henry at Comic Con

The Strike Back boys gave some cool interviews too. Sully seemed a little hungover in one of them but he was still a treat. 😉 And Philip is awesome. He’s ready with his answers and easy to watch…
Strike Back Comic Con 2013
Strike Back Comic Con 2013

I saw some pics of the Almost Human cast, which includes Karl Urban. He looked great, of course! I did watch one interview (I think the EW one?) and he did most of the talking… And Joe Manganiello looks so much yummier with the shorter hair. I don’t mind him with the longish hair but it had been getting a bit out of control. Now he’s rocking a way shorter cut and he just looks hot. HOT!…

Maybe one day I’ll make it to SDCC. I’d have to choose carefully the panels and such but I think I could walk away from it with good memories. Even better if I got a moment with any of my favorites. 🙂

Only God Forgives – This movie is out on limited release AND available on iTunes. We watched it last night and I liked it. Ryan Gosling had minimal words in this (like in Drive) and it was quite a violent and dark movie. But I enjoyed it. It’s one of those love it or hate it kind of movies and it surely will not appeal to the mainstream audience but I was quite mesmerized by it.