disconnecting me

nothing but silence
unrelentingly constant
disconnecting me

written 08-07-13
I am writing without internet at home, using WordPad. I haven’t used WordPad in AGES yet here I am, wanting to write so I write with the one wordprocessing program on my computer. I feel thrown back into the past like this. It’s a strange feeling.

Our phones have internet, of course, but we don’t have unlimited data, so we can’t just be on our phones constantly. I read the first of my set of Superman comics. I thought about reading one of the three books I’ve started. I even wrote a little in my notebook. Now here I am on my computer but disconnected.

Eerie, if you ask me.

By the time you read this, we’ll have the internet again at home. But the thought that I’m going to write this and save this on my computer and ONLY my computer is a strange thought. Yes, strange indeed.

True Blood – We caught a glimpse of the old Alcide. SO ROCKIN’. I’m glad he left his pack. I hope it doesn’t bite him in the ass… Sam, really, you’re in love with that chick? Is it just because she’s pregnant? I feel as though we’re missing a huge amount of story here. One minute he was into with Luna, she dies, and he takes up with some random chick, somehow falling in with her? It’s a serious disservice to his character and makes me want to gag. Oh, and then Sookie shows up to offer herself to him so that they can have a normal life together?! Makes absolutely NO SENSE at all… I know Eric is desperate, but what the hell with the end?! Before I saw next week’s bits, I was ready to kill Eric. Ben better recover or else I’ll be crazy disappointed!…

Under the Dome – I confess, I nearly cried with the whole Alice part. SO SAD… Junior still makes me stabby. I just want someone to kill him or hurt him or smack some sense into him. He freakin’ annoys me!… Barbie is my favorite character of the bunch. He’s actually got some sense and even though he has a secret he’s apparently never going to tell, I think he’s at heart a good guy… And though I’m watching the show, I cannot believe they got a second season. I hope this doesn’t meant they’re going to be under the dome forever. I hope they figure out what the dome actually is!

I want to mention something that actually offended me when it happened. I let it go, didn’t say anything, and thought I was over it but obviously it still bothers me because here I am thinking about it. So here it goes…

This offhand comment was made by a woman who lost a lot of weight. She said, “I’m a size [redacted] MISSES, not WOMENS. I don’t have to shop in the fat ladies section anymore.” As I told my friends today, I was slightly offended because 1) I’m a size [redacted] in pants and 2) I shope in the womens section as opposed to the misses. So I guess she must think I’m fat. Not that I care and not that I’m jealous of her weight loss but damn, is that not rude?

Here’s the thing– if someone said something she found offensive, she would be all put out and ticked off because HOW DARE SOMEONE OFFEND HER. But she has, in all the time I’ve known her, just spouted off whatever is on her mind without thought to being even slightly polite and more often than not with apparent intent to offend.

I suppose I’m to give her allowance for her inconsiderate attitude because life hasn’t been very kind to her. But just because life treats you like crap doesn’t mean you should forget your manners.