let the darkness

let the darkness
take every bit
resisting assimilation
let the darkness
break the walls
protecting the fragile
let the darkness
embrace the light
smothering its glow
let the darkness
overcome the hope
guarding the precious heart

Me, very stark

The new filters on the Flickr app are somehow more interesting than the old ones. I don’t usually use filters and such when I use the Flickr app but I suppose if I decided to cross post pics to Twitter that way, it can be fun.

Don’t mind my babble…

November is still a bit away but I feel that I should start thinking about what kind of story to write that fun filled month of writing words and more words. The contenders include:

  • THE GUARDSMEN OF VALA (sci-fi/fantasy) – The story about the Princess Mistress of Vala Realm and her guardsmen. Her realm is on shaky ground following the death of her mother, the Lady Mistress and her father’s takeover as Lord Regent. The Princess Mistress will not be able to claim her realm as her own until she is married as decreed by her mother. The Lord Regent wants to marry her to a weaker clan but the Princess Mistress has other ideas as she surrounds herself with the most trustworthy of guardsmen.
  • THE HOUSE OF JOREN (sci-fi/fantasy) – A continuation of THE HALLS OF KENTALCAST, this story introduces one of the old families of the Voreia’s sister planet of Delkis– the Jorens. An opposite mirror of the Meris family, the Jorens are three sisters and a brother, their mother Ilia and their father Camlin Lear. Ilia has just stepped down as Senior Senator of the Higher Assembly, causing not only a stir in the Senate but confusion in her family.
  • ESCAPE (contemporary romance) – Two people meet outside of their usual lives and connect in a way neither could have imagined. But when the real world claims them, will their connection cease?
  • UNSETTLED (contemporary romance) – He’s crap at being a proper boyfriend and she thinks she can teach him a thing or two. The catch? No sex. It’s merely practice, they say. Or is it?

Or I could write something something totally new! The possibilities are endless. 🙂