still waiting for more

the taste of your kiss
lingers on my parted lips
still waiting for more

a pretty flower…

TV stuff…
Under the Dome – Even though I would like someone to kill Junior, he was less annoying this episode. I swear, when his character dies, I won’t be sad. They would have to do a serious bit of magic for me to not cheer when he’s gone. I’ve never felt so viciously for a character! I guess the actor playing him is going a great job, eh?… What the hell with the egg?! Why is it showing people other people when it’s touched?… It seems like Big Jim keeps getting his way in some way. I loved how he threatened Barbie and Barbie replied that there are two sides to that coin. YOU TELL HIM BARBIE!!!…

Fangirl business…
I’m a bad fangirl! I totally forgot Charles Mesure’s birthday was yesterday. It was reminded because he tweeted thank yous. I tweeted a belated Happy Birthday to him. Hopefully he sees it. He’s always so nice to me on twitter the few times he’s replies. So sweet. 🙂

Whilst chatting with my dear friends online, I realized that only one of my “objects of affection” NEVER disappointed me. He ever always impressed me as an actor, a singer, and as a person. No one ever had a bad word to say about him and in all my so few moments with him, he was always warm and gracious. Have I idealized him? Maybe just a little. But maybe it’s because he’s been gone from this world and my only personal memories of him are so positive that I keep him on that sort of pedestal.


And it’s not to say that I’ve had horrible experiences with my fellas. On the contrary, I have almost only positive experiences. The two I corresponded with were always great to me but we drifted apart after awhile. But it’s okay because the drifting softened the blow of lost connection. Or so I like to think.

I had a dream that I won’t detail. I’ll just say that it involved Henry Cavill. There, I said it. LOL


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