can you feel it yet

poem #1
the gray clouds gather
step out and pretend to cry
standing in the rain


poem #2
can you feel it yet
warm and inviting laughter
love for you unseen


Yesterday, the last day of summer
Yesterday was the last day of summer. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted a season to end more than this summer. Maybe I’m just tired of the hot days. Maybe I yearn for those closer to the Bay cool days of my youth. But mostly I think I’m just a moderate weather type of person, leaning on the cool end. Yes, I adore the sunshine as long as the breeze is cool. I also like the gray days as long as there’s a bit of sunshine in between. 😉

It rained HARD in the morning but the sunshine came out later in the day. The rain helped take the dust off my car, so YAH! LOL I sat by the open window and even took a nap to the sound of the rain. Twas oddly soothing…

Today, the first day of autumn

Right now the sun is shining and the breeze is slight but cool. Usually the weather doesn’t mind the calendar but today it feels like it is for the moment. 😉 I will take it! The windows are open to air out the house a bit (cigar smell is nice but then again not so much after the fact).

The tech girl in me…
iOS 7 – So far, I am enjoying iOS 7. I haven’t really had too many glitches. I’m not sure if it’s affecting my battery as much as I think it is. When I’m less fascinated with the OS, perhaps I’ll better be able to assess the battery life. I really liking iTunes Radio A LOT. Maybe it’s because I have iTunes Match and therefore I hear no ads but so far the stations seem to be playing a good mix of music… Probably my biggest peeve with iOS in general is the inability to unsnap the icon grid. Why must the icons line up the way they do? Why can’t we put icons at each corner, for example, without resorting to “transparent” icons to take up space (as I do)? It’s one of the things I sorely miss about Android… Oh, and what about sound profiles? Can we get something like that someday too?

Pressgram – And I am also very much enjoying Pressgram. It’s still not quite working right with my website without some tweaking but I still like it a lot. I hope more people start using it! 😉

I watched my fair share of rugby on Saturday. What is it about that sport?… I wish I could stop feeling sick these days. Part of me wonders if it’s my tooth, which is still bothering me, or if it’s something else. Am I coming down with something? Ugh!…