I can’t see past this

I can’t see past this
reaching out into the dark
the light seems so far

couldn’t resist the Starbucks today

So, my tooth has been aching for the past few weeks and today I was compelled to make an appointment with the dentist. I go on Monday (my day off). I almost wish I could go sooner! The dull ache has just taken over me in some ways. I’m already tired of it.

TV things

  • How I Met Your Mother – Truth be told, as much as I like this show, I would been fine with it ending last season (as long as Ted finally met the mother), so stretching it to one more season is almost trying my patience. The premiere (two eps) had some sweet and funny moments. I especially like how Lily met the mother, the front desk clerk and his weird concern over Ted, and the last scene with Ted and the mother a year later. There was a sweetness in that scene that just made me smile. I hope Ted actually meets the mother soon. PLEASE!…
  • Sleepy Hollow – Another good installment. It’s keeping my interest so far and I like it! I’m glad the Sheriff could appear in more eps, even if he’s just an apparition of sorts. 😉 And whoa, weird way to bring back a dead character! The witch was a bit creepy… I like Crane and Mills together and hope that they don’t try to couple them anytime soon. If ever.