you’re so broken

poem #1
you’re just so broken
pretending you know your way
playing such the fool

poem #2
you’ll just turn your back
not at all realizing
the fault is all yours


  • Stayed home yesterday to keep an eye on Holli. She’s doing all right. She mostly keep away from her drain thing. Thank goodness!
  • Consequently feeling like crap for some reason. Is it my tooth? Or am I just truly under the weather?
  • I’ve got some rugby on right now, Blue Bulls v West Province. (Hehehe, Blue Bulls.) And DirecTV FAILS because they didn’t have the Australia v Argentina match on their guide so I missed it. Bastards.
  • Holy crap, my A’s are in first place, currently 4.5 games over the Rangers in the AL West. Yes, I’m still paying some attention to baseball. LET’S GO A’S!!!
  • Flickr is being a damn bitch right now. WTF.
  • And of course, after I write that previous sentence, Flickr uploads are back up for me. RESULT!
  • Oh, spoke too soon. Perhaps I will just not speak of it.


Movies & TV

  • Syrup – Interesting movie. Amber Heard is such a pretty woman and a good actress. I liked seeing her all spiffy and put together. Really rather beautiful in that classic movie kind of way… I’ve never noticed the lead actor in this movie before but he was all right. I liked how Kellan Lutz barely spoke for most of the movie. LOL And I was good with the way it ended even though it was a bit unconventional…
  • Strike Back – Even though I’m not sure about this whole IRA tangent (it doesn’t make sense to me but what the hell do I know), I’m still lovin’ the action. How nice of Richmond to attend Dalton’s funeral. And how brutal of Damien to not sugarcoat the bitch that Dalton was. I think he’s seeing how short life is and what’s important and he wants out before the job takes him out. I totally get that. Oh, and Martinez with Michael. Yes, I’d be getting as much of that I could too. LOL…
  • Corner Gas – This was such a funny show from Canada. Some of it feels dated but it’s still very funny.
  • Coupling – This show is still funny to me. I’m re-watching the first season and it’s just as funny now as it was then (2000). If you’ve never watched it, it’s worth the view on Netflix. It’s smart and funny. And I often quote things from it. LOL