no one knows the truth

no one knows the truth
the secret we’ll never tell
the promise we made

Strike Back

I have been seriously slacking on my re-watching of Strike Back for screencaps. Terrible, just terrible! And ye gods, I haven’t watched Friday’s episode yet. Seriously SLACKING!

I woke up this morning to let the dogs out. The dachshund was actually sitting on the floor by my side of the bed making whiny noises, which she never does, so I figured I should give her some attention before she did anything bad. When I went back to bed, I started thinking of my story and tried to work out the plot. Totally failed on that point and only got around to conjuring up the main fella in the story who looks not so suspiciously like Henry Cavill. 😉

The Tudors
Henry as Charles Brandon

Speaking of fellas, I think it’s time to do another Listworthy post. Who should it be? I have one already written up, I think. I just need to edit a bit and then post it. Or I can start on a new one? Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

Now where is my pizza?!