on the edge of naughty

I dreamt a dream
on the edge of naughty
a moment of intentions
sadly unfulfilled
a gentle hand
feeling the rough
while dark eyes waited
smiling with temptation

Naked Fighting alá Philip Winchester in Strike Back

I wanted to post the above collage on Twitter or Instagram but I decided on a more PG version for those two outlets. But as this is my site and blog, I will do as I please. And I am pleased to do… hmm… 😉

TV stuff

  • Sleepy Hollow – First, read the wonderful and always entertaining recap at io9 HERE… The action picked up right from the end of last week’s episode. Ichabod is talking while sitting in the car. I thought he was talking to himself but no, he was actually talking to the “Northstar” operator. It was just nice hearing his voice. He has a nice voice… I love the creepiness of the show as much as I love the light humor and action. It’s a fine mix and I’m willing to keep watching as long as they keep letting Ichabod talk…
  • The Blacklist – The open of this episode told so much in such a short time and with hardly any words. I LOVED IT! I really really enjoy this show and I’m a bit surprised by the notion. I think it’s because James Spader absolutely ROCKS. He is awesome on this show… I like the “bad guy of the week” format with the steady arc of WHY ELIZABETH?! Well, we know why, don’t we? And I bet she does too but doesn’t want to actually come out and ask… But what is with her husband?! He’s a spy, right? But how?! And how did she not know?! Or maybe he’s a spy for Reddington? So many possibilities!… And who is watching their house?
  • How I Met Your Mother – I just want this show to end. And even with that feeling, I’m still enjoying these last days. I hope they figure out a way to bring in Joe Manganiello’s character. Just one more time please? Oh, and where is the mother right now? She needs to meet more of the gang!

I’m thinking of writing an Anti-Listworthy post. A sort of writing challenge. Or as my friend put it, “How to Fall from #1 in One Easy Step… Be a Dick.” My friends rock and how I do love them! 😉