then never look back

maybe now it’s time
take that deep breath and let go
then never look back

music and my watchers

My friend had a total adventure this past weekend and I think I won’t ever tire of hearing about it! I was so excited for her and now I just want to hear everything about it. LOL Am I being duly vague? Good.

Now, let’s talk some TV!

Sleepy Hollow – First, the awesome recap that I always love to read HERE… Now, my take. Well, I liked the episode, of course! 😉 I loved the part where they arrived in the cabin and Ichabod was looking over the stuff they brought. The shower mesh sponge made me giggle… I love the Middle English stuff even though it likely wasn’t quite historically accurate. It certainly sounded good coming out of Ichabod. He’s all kinds of delightful, eh?… Seriously, what is the deal with Captain Irving? What does he know? He knows something, doesn’t he?!… And poor Katrina! Is she dead? Is she stuck somewhere near Death’s door? I loved that she and Ichabod had a moment together… On that note, I don’t think Abbie and Ichabod are going to set up as a couple somewhere down the line. I think she looks at him like a weird cousin or brother type. But a lover some day? I really don’t see it. But who knows!… And yikes, the end! What the hell was that?! Now I’m feeling creeped out!…

The Cardinals won today! One more game and it’s off to the World Series for them! Can they do it? And at the risk of sound superstitious, the one game that they lost was the one game I didn’t wear one of my Cardinals bracelets. Coincidence? Probably. But I won’t chance it tomorrow. 😉