love that I still feel

you can say good bye
but you cannot take away
love that I still feel

Saturday morning
yorkie and dachshund aka Saffy and Holli

I should be spent of words but I feel like writing. Just not the novel right now. I hit the word count of the day. I’m satisfied. I’m sure I’ll curse myself in a couple of weeks for not taking advantage of this “free” time. Oh well!

After work yesterday we headed over to Best Buy to trade in a phone and order the Acer C720 Chromebook. It took longer than it should have to do the trade in (first the system was down and when we went back, it took the fella AGES to do what needed to be done). When it was finally over we headed to the computer area and I ordered the Acer C720. A young woman helped us but she also had the help of her two co-workers and I really dug the way they helped her out. They worked as a team! It was pleasantly surprising. And I liked it!

So now I have to wait for the Chromebook to be delivered to the store. I hope to have it this time next week? That would ROCK. LOL

And apparently I’m getting cold? I’m sniffling. What the heck?!