Thanksgiving weekend catch-up

I haven’t written here in how many days? Goodness me!

Seven poems. Well, you know I’m all about the haikus, especially during National Novel Writing Month, so let’s start with that…

poem #1
did you know at first
that one touch would lead to this
something hot and sweet

poem #2
the touch of your lips
lingers warm upon my skin
like secrets to keep

poem #3
will I watch you turn
set straight to the horizon
walk away from me

poem #4
all my dreams will fill
with forgotten memories
of days long ago

poem #5
will you even know
will you remember my name
when we meet again

poem #6
this bottled longing
hiding in such dark retreat
yearns to be released

poem #7
let me hear just once
soft laughter in the sunshine
before winter comes

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent



Yes, I got to 50,000 words and completed my novel for National Novel Writing Month! Go me! LOL But seriously, I think I need to challenge myself next year and try for 55,000 words or something. I finished with 51,341 words for my novel, currently titled “When It’s Time.” I am seriously afraid to go back and read it and find out it’s a bit of crap but I will say that I had so much fun writing it and I really love my characters. I usually love my characters but these two have been a joy to write. I’d categorize it as contemporary romance with a bit of explicit sexual content. 😉


For Thanksgiving Day, we stayed home. We ordered one of those turkey dinners from Safeway and it was yummy! The awesome hubby did most of the cooking of it. (You still have to put the turkey in the oven and warm up all the fixings.) It was done in a few hours and it was delicious! I am thankful that we didn’t have to drive anywhere and we could enjoy a traditional turkey dinner at home.

my dinner on Thanksgiving

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