when we are alone

do you think I don’t
know exactly how you feel
when we are alone

Henry from yesterday’s Q&A

I love when I can knock out the poem of the day in the morning, especially during National Novel Writing Month. πŸ˜‰

NaNoWriMo story
My word count is going splendidly. Pretty much any words I write today will put me over for the daily word count. My goal is to write as many words as possible everyday so that I can always stay ahead of the count. The true discipline for me is actually staying on track with the average word count and not giving myself slack just because I’ve hit the daily word count. Does that make sense? LOL

As for my story, having the main fella look like Henry Cavill helps IMMENSELY. And not just because it’s a romance. πŸ˜‰ It helps in that if I need some kind of inspiration, I just have to look at a picture or watch a clip of him. So Henry, thanks for being the inspiration behind my main fella. <3

All right, back to the novel I go.