a life almost like this one

this dream I had once
a life almost like this one
seems to call to me

I feel lost after National Novel Writing Month. I loved the pace and pressure of November and writing a novel out of the air in almost frantic desperation. I love when the words flow and suddenly I’m over the word count for the day. I even love the days when the words need to be squeezed out from a dark place bereft of inspiration. I miss it. Is this the NaNoWriMo hangover? And what do I do now with my novel of 50,000 plus words?

Maybe I just miss my characters. I really do love them a lot and I think if I flesh out some of the secondary characters, I could continue the story of my characters in another novel. But am I really ambitious enough to take my characters beyond the ending I wrote? I’ve never really done it before, so it could be something interesting to do.

OR I could work on another story that I started awhile back that I haven’t finished. So many choices. πŸ˜‰