I have cried these tears before

I have cried those tears before
each breath a cry of sorrow
do I imagine you an angel
do I see you in the stars
I would shake my fist at the Fates
admonish them for this end
but I do none of this
my heart has stopped
my tears are frozen
my breath has paused
you are simply gone
a light so bright now dim
the laughter now only memories
this darkness pervades
even in the cold sunshine
is it you reminding us
see beauty after the tears
weep just once then smile
yes, I have cried these tears before

When I read the news about Paul Walker, my heart just stopped for a moment. I’ve enjoyed his movies and thought him a handsome fella but he was never on my list and I would never call myself a huge fan of his. Nonetheless, this has oddly hit me hard. It doesn’t seem fair, does it? No, it never does. He was young, lived a good life, and entertained millions with his movies. He leaves behind a daughter and family and friends who will feel his loss most acutely. And I am just a person who was taken away from real life with his movies.

Journey well into the next…