let this moment slow

let this moment slow
turn seconds into minutes
to savor this time

I like my hair in this shot

Today was a great day because 1) it was Friday, 2) we had our Holiday Luncheon, 3) we got off work EARLY, and 4) I didn’t have to take the mail to the post office! Seriously, it was an easy day at work highlighted by the lack of phone calls and the Holiday Luncheon. 🙂

yum delicious food!

Let’s note the annoying stuff for a little bit of balance. The phone rang at about 2:25 pm and of course I answered it because I wasn’t set to leave until 2:30 pm. And lo, the person on the phone wanted to tell me her life story instead of getting to the point. GET TO THE POINT! Eventually I told her that she could call me back on the 30th if she wanted to make an appointment with my boss… Also, right at noon, someone came in to get some paperwork, blah blah blah. WHY DO PEOPLE COME TO THE OFFICE AT NOON?! It’s lunchtime. Why do people seem to think that they can just come at lunchtime and expect to talk to someone without having called first? It’s definitely a test of my patience, especially since I was hungry and wanted to get to lunch!

Now, enough of that!

Lunch was great! The food was delicious. The gift exchange was fun to watch. Lots of laughs. And it’s always wonderful to eat and laugh and enjoy the company of lovely people. 🙂

gifts under the tree

I forgot to mention that I dreamt I was cuddling with Tahmoh Penikett. I didn’t mind, of course. But why did I dream about him when I have a bunch of others who could have played the same part?

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