love’s breath so soft

how will you
ever know when
revealing touches

close your eyes
and see
visions and dreams
inspired by your heart
love’s breath so soft
left unchecked

Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon
watched an ep of The Tudors, hence Henry Cavill

It’s already Saturday? The days were blending together so nicely during the week of Christmas. Oh well, it’s not like I have a tough week ahead of me. Just two days then I’m off for five. Fair trade. Should be easy. 😉

I started to write some commentary about the 13 year old girl at Children’s Hospital who’s been declared brain dead– 3 times– yet the family wants to keep her on life support. I wrote and then deleted what I wrote because some things should just be kept to yourself, eh? Let me just say this– if doctors (yes, get a second opinion) say that I am brain dead and the ONLY thing keeping me alive is a MACHINE, pull the plug. If I’m meant to live, then I will live. If I’m meant to die, then I will die. Don’t be selfish and try to keep my body breathing. Don’t pretend you’re doing it for me when you’re doing it for yourself. Remember me with love and laughter, not anguish and tears and grief.

And that’s my take on that.

I forgot that it’s Joe Manganiello’s birthday. Someone needs to take my Joe fangirl card away. I’m terrible, just terrible! Oh, and I’m not even considering buying his book. What the hell is wrong with me?!

Still love ya, Joe. Seriously. 🙂

Speaking of books, I read another romance novel today. I couldn’t help it. It made me laugh a little because the main character is the CFO of his company and his brother oversees the R&D department. I laughed because my new story features the main male character as the CFO of his company and the main female character is the director of R&D. What the heck?! The romance novel was a good one, of course. Well written and all that jazz.

My story is coming along. I feel like the characters have moved fast then I remember I’m writing a short story so it has to seem a little fast. I’m trying to give the story more meat but not sure if it’ll be enough to make it longer than a short story. We’ll see. Hmm, what’s longer than a short story?