FanGirl poetry

music played as the sun set

we met long ago
music played as the sun set
do you remember

my tablet’s wallpaper

Every Friday I try to do the Follow Friday (#FF) on twitter. If I only do one, it’s usually Aleks Paunovic. Oh, and Scott Levy. I also try to remember my other fellas (Charles Mesure, Dan Feuerriegel, Dan Carter, Mark Mulder), my “jazzy constants” (Fawn Fritzen, Matt Dusk, Jonny Blu, Jane Monheit, Harry Connick Jr), and the ladies of kickassery (Danielle Cormack, Victoria Pratt, Adrienne Wilkinson, Jennifer Sky). If I’m in a good mood, I’ll throw in Ed Quinn. This week I added a special one for Trevor Guthrie because his song with Armin van Buuren, “This Is What It Feels Like”, has been nominated for a Grammy. Go Trevor! 🙂 Anyhoo, he replied to me:

if he really remembers me even a little, that rocks…

I thought that his reply was kinda cute. LOL

Fawn Fritzen replied to me too! (No screencap though.) She actually reads my tweets, which I find super awesome. I LOVE her album. She’s a most lovely singer and if you get a chance to listen, do it. You’ll have no regrets, promise! 🙂

I think I fixed my posts so that they show up properly in Facebook AND figured out how to get my posts to G+. Go me! And I might have figured out how to post pics to Twitter from my blog posts? It’s doing that for my Moonlit Jazz posts now. Interesting! Let’s see what happens when I post this one. All this means is that I’m going to be posting my blog links EVERYWHERE. And really, I don’t care because this blog is public. If I want to be more private, I suppose I’d write elsewhere. 😉

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