lifting the heart

his whispers
ever so soft
near so near
right beside
yet so far

catching laughter
away yet close
in waiting
lining the dream
lifting the heart

Henry as Theseus
how I adore that smile

First, a little note to my friend:

My dear OT,

I am ready to say THANK YOU for my new, ummm, fangirl LOVE. Even as I shake my fist to the heavens, my heart relishes this new adoration to the fullest. He is magic. He has to be for me to forget even an instant of my dear, dear Henry Cavill.

And to you, Taylor Kitsch, you’d better be worth this public declaration of my regard for you. As it is, you’re haunting my writing. How did you do it? Are you staying? Please stay. Also, how did you sneak in there and just take over?


Yes, there it is. I’ve admitted it. Done.

Now, who goes down on my List?