locked inside

tell me
a secret
you keep
locked inside
out of

my work space

So I’ve momentarily shelved the TK inspired story. Just for a little bit. Now I’m working on the story I was writing before I was so deliciously interrupted. πŸ˜‰ This one will probably be a short story. I wrote an ending for it but it’s not quite meshing with the beginning and middle that I’m plotting so there will likely be changes to the end. We shall see. My characters are so damn fast sometimes. LOL!

TV stuff
The Blacklist – This show is rather brilliant. Tis well written and well acted and manages to have crazy surprises in all the chaos. We didn’t stay up to watch it last night but it was the first show we watched on the DVR today.

Intelligence – I am very much enjoying this show and it’s definitely because of Josh Holloway. He’s pretty cool in this show. I like when he goes into his renderings. Those kinda rock. πŸ˜‰