lost in his dreams

he thinks he knows
every detail
realizing the faults
yet to crack

centering on indecision
averted by caution
voice soft with temptation
if only this moment
left so alone
lost in his dreams

Created with Wood Camera
Henry as Theseus

I woke up this morning and treated myself to one more showing of Immortals on Netflix. It ends its run tomorrow and it makes me a little sad. Of course, this just means that I need to finally buy the movie on blu-ray. Can you believe that the first time I watched the movie (before I knew who Henry Cavill was), I was a bit blah about it? Now, because of Henry (see, I’ll admit it!), I am to totally into the movie. I should have loved it the first time I watched it because 1) Theseus lives in Greek mythology and 2) shirtless Henry Cavill!

I wonder if I will adore Henry Cavill in the future as much as I do now.

I am super sad that today is my last day of vacation. The weekend is upon us and Monday brings the first day of work in 2014. Crazy! I am also very sad because I have to start walking to work again come Tuesday. SO SUCKY! I am so super bummed. But, on the bright side, exercise for me! 🙂 Gotta look on the bright side or else I’d be quite gloomy.


I have no idea how long I can continue writing my poems as I have been. Have you, my dear reader, noticed the pattern? 😉

I’m trying to start another short story but it’s all messy and random right now. I usually start with a big scene and build from there. I can’t seem to figure out the big scene. Oh, and the main guy DOES NOT look like Henry Cavill. Go me?