this beautiful longing

it cannot last
this beautiful longing
here and now

Kitsch in Lone Survivor
Kitsch in Lone Survivor

I love when the end of the month ends on a Friday. It’s payday, so I get to see happy people. And since it’s Friday, I’m comfortable in my jeans and ready for the weekend to start. And here it is now, the weekend! 😉

While I was walking to work, I got this tweet and it made me laugh. THIS is why I simply adore Aleks Paunovic.

one day, I will hug that big guy

I’ve gone back to my Kitsch inspired story but then I read an article today on 300 Rise of an Empire and it had some great quotes from Sullivan Stapleton. He’s a great read and it made me want to go back to my Sully inspired story. Dear me! But I’m sticking to the Kitsch one for now. It wants to be written NOW.