yearning so sweet

he’s got me
eager to please
nothing to lose
right here
yearning so sweet

can he feel my touch
across dreams
voice so soft
if he listens close
leans this way
loves this way

Henry as Theseus
Henry as Theseus

Please tell me I’m not falling for Taylor Kitsch. Seriously, WTF? No, I’m just enjoying a “break”. Yeah, let’s go with that. Remind me in a couple of months that I said this, okay? SOMEONE REMIND ME that I’m only taking a “break.”

Oh yeah, and I’m watching Friday Night Lights.

I so blame my OT for this. She knows who she is.

Oh, and I blame the new story I’m writing. Which is because of my OT.

As my friends say, karma is a bitch. This is my payback for making THEM fall for my fellas. I accept the challenge. I absolutely feel my fangirl self falling for this fella. It’s fascinating and maddening all at the same time.